Science and Religion: Enabling, Empowering and Ennobling Each Other [and Humanity]

This year's essay competition is inspired by the many health care workers and volunteers searching for a cure for Covid-19. We ask ourselves the following questions:

  • How can science and religion enrich each other critically and creatively.

  • How can the relationship between science and religion enable each other and communities?

  • How can they empower each other and humanity?

  • How can the interaction between scientists and theologians (religionists) ennoble each other, by protecting and fostering human dignity, respect for life and call for commitment?

Original essays (3,000-5,000 words) that can help readers grapple with the issues of scientific openness, religious commitment, humanistic vision are welcome. dialogical approach, creative ideas and insightful vision are expected in the essay.


  • First Prize: ₹ 5,000*

  • Second Prizes: ₹ 3,000*

  • Third Prizes: ₹ 2,000*

  • 10 Consolation Prizes: ₹ 1,000

Please Note

  • A workshop will be conducted for those who register before February 28, 2021. In order to register, send an email with your full name, bio details, educational background and contact address. email to jcsr[at]jdv.edu.in

  • You are welcome to add footnotes and references. Keep the footnotes to minimum.

  • Selected Essays will be published with DOI and ISSN. See model.

  • Avoid plagiarism by all means. Each article will be checked for plagiarism using software.

  • Preferably use APA style with in-text citation. For details and model essays, please see.

  • In the essay, please try to be focused and specific. You may quote scientists, religious leaders or thinkers.

  • Avoid plagiarism by all means! Do acknowledge all sources (both cited and not). Rewrite the insights in your own words.

  • Email the essays as attachment (Word or RTF format) to: jcsr[at]jdv.edu.in

  • By submitting the article you acknowledge that the decision of the judges with regards to the awarding of the prizes is final.

  • Participation-Certificates (PDF) will be given to all participants

  • Last Date of Submission: April 30, 2021

  • Announcement of Winners: June 19, 2021


JD Centre for Science-Religion Studies

Ramwadi, Nagar Road

Pune 411014, India


  • * Prizes sponsored by Christ College, Pune

The Goals of this Project

  • Foster creative dialogue between science and religion

  • Draw insights from the rich cultural traditions of India

  • Seek wisdom from all corners so that all of us can live harmoniously

  • Encourage cooperation and collaboration between different traditions, cultures and groups.

  • Realise that when we work together, the synergy produced is much more than the sum of the individual components.

  • Recognise that there is much more to learn from the other than the appearance.

(This competition was formerly called ASSR Annual Essay Competition)

Select articles will be published with Digital Object Identifier in journal with ISSN.

In Collaboration with

St. Xavier's University, Kolkata

Christ College, Pune

Loyola Institute for Peace and International Relations, Kochi