JD Centre for Science-Religion Studies (JCSR)


JCSR attempts to bring together scientific insights and religious wisdom for the benefit of common humanity. Open to contemporary scientific advancements and rooted in the perennial religious wisdom, JCSR seeks avenues for dialogical wisdom to foster faith, creativity and reason.

Jnana Deepa Centre for Science-Religion Studies believes:

  • Today the world needs creative and critical cooperation between science and religion for its survival

  • Science with religion is a surer path to knowledge and faith

  • Religion can complement science in many dimensions of human life and vice versa

  • Though science and religion are autonomous, human beings need both.

Vision and Mission

Based on engaged religion and enlightened science, JCSR attempts to provide a vision that is all-inclusive, dialogical and integrated. It fosters a world-view that is peace-loving and open to new knowledge (scientific, philosophical and religious)

To contact us: jcsr[at]jdv.edu.in